Introducing Brokers (IB's)

At ABans Global Limited (“AGL), we have a team of young and experienced professionals blended with aggression with an aim to create a new level playing field for IB affiliates. We understand the hard work required for setting up an IB as a result of which we offer a low investment opportunity that requires you to capitalise on your networking strength and knowledge of the trade. We have closely seen the challenges faced by IBs for business expansion and we aim to successfully resolve it with;

A simple-to-use operating system and an efficient back office with risk management tools

With our extensive technology and branch support you can be more productive in your day to day business development activities

We will equip you with the best tools and products for excellent customer service across segments

A business proposal which will enhance the earning opportunity to the Franchisee.

The financial protection of working with an FCA authorised and regulated broker.

Associating with AGL is not only quick but also very cost-effective.

Introducing Agents (IA's)

At AGL, we also have IAs who are paid an ongoing commission for simply introducing clients while AGL takes full care of servicing the client.